Update 2021 Buyer Guide for Lymphedema Pump

Treating lymphedema or DVT is causing major trouble for those people who cannot afford consecutive visits to health clinics or hiring healthcare for a long duration. Patients who are suffering from leg swelling or ankle soreness are looking for portable products for lymphedema treatment. The lymphedema compression pump is designed for lower limbs if any person is suffering from inflammation and chronic wounds.

This compression therapy is considered one of the safest ways to treat swollen legs in minimum time. Dermatologists, podiatrists, and physicians in the USA approve the use of lymphedema pumps for reducing pain in the legs. Some basic elements are important to know before purchasing these devices to treat lymphedema patients.

What is Lymphedema disease?

The lymphatic system in our body helps to remove waste in the lower limbs and increases immunity against harmful infections. If blood clots start forming in the veins or lymph nodes accumulate in the vessels, it can block the circulatory system and damage other major body functions. The blockage of valves causing fluid leakage into lower limbs muscles and the swelling process starts that converts into lymphedema. Lymphedema can occur at an early age or due to immobility and in both cases, treatment is necessary to avoid fatal disease.

There are some common symptoms mentioned below that indicates the use of compression pump for legs such as:

  • Less flexibility in foot, ankle, and wrist.
  • Feeling heaviness while walking.
  • Feeling needle pain in legs while wearing clothes.
  • Hardening of skin and color changes of the skin.
  • Foot ache and blisters on calf muscles.

If these symptoms are observed then contact the best leg specialists to get details about treating lymphedema. There are some questions asked about compression pumps for lymphedema and their usage for treating swelling by numerous citizens of the USA who are unaware of their functions. The significant role of compression garments is explained below:

The function of lymphedema compression pumps for legs

The main purpose of using compression devices is to prevent acute infections which can happen if lymphedema is not protected at right time. The best compression pumps for lymphedema treatment are comprised of a programmable machine linked with an air tube that connects to a sleeve which comes in two types. The half-leg sleeves reach to knees and the full-leg covers the whole leg including the thigh region.

The rhythmic wave-like pressure produced by the compression device forces blocked sections in the blood vessels to break mass into fragments and boost healthy fluid flow. This artificial leg massage technique reduces swelling and pain which provides comfort to the patient. Compression gear offers great benefits to its user and these garments are not only restricted to lymphedema patients but you can use them for other lower limbs issues.

Advantages of lymphedema compression pump for legs

  1. Helps to reduce skin rash.
  2. Easy to activate and operate.
  3. Reduces DVT, PE, and Edema.
  4. Stimulated lymph movement and increases the healing of infected tissues.
  5. Enhances patient’s quality of life.
  6. Improves respiratory system by decreasing discomfort.
  7. Provides cushioned layer below the heel of patient’s foot.
  8. Remove lymph fluid away from the swollen area and promote quick recovery.

Types of lymphedema compression pumps for legs

Four types of compression devices are available in the market and each of them has the same functions but slightly different properties to treat lymphedema.

        I. Programmable pump

These sequential multi-chamber compression pumps for lymphedema treatment are reviewed as the best device for quick positive results. The four or five chambers are the main feature and display cyclic uniform pressure on the leg muscles. The user interface is less complex compared to other types and most of them are internationally medically approved.

       II. Non- programmable

There are further two sub-types in this category that are linked with compression therapy. These are Single chamber (non-Segmented) garments and Multi-chamber (Segmented) garments. They apply direct pressure on the swollen region of the legs and lacks user interface features. They have limited programming options and no manual control over overpressure levels.

Features to verify before buying lymphedema pump for legs

There are some salient features of compression pump for legs that can help you to buy the best device in 2021 for treating any lower limbs disease. The basic features consist of pressure range, sleeves size and fitting, sleeves fabric, and battery level.

Pressure Range:

Three main compression levels are used for various purposes. Each of them can only be applied to a specific group of users. Light level 15 to 20 mmHg, Medium level 20 to 30 mmHg, and Firm-level 30 to 40 mmHg.

Sleeve Size:

Get those sleeves that perfectly wrap around your legs and do not apply extra pressure on veins because the biggest disadvantage of using the wrong size garment may harm your thin blood vessels.


Buy those sleeves which are made with nylon and spandex to create elasticity for a better compression process. The smooth sleeves are best for elders to avoid any skin rash.

Battery Life:

Purchase those compression gear that comes with the best battery that can offer long-term service.

How to buy the best lymphedema pump at an affordable price

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