What do our customer’s have to say about Medshoola™?

Two months after a major back operation, I developed clots in the back of my knee. I was shocked by the amount of pain and the degree of disability they caused. The clots were more painful and limiting than what I experienced from the back operation. Even with aggressive treatment – which included more than a dozen injections and constant medication monitoring – it took more than 6 months for the clots to dissolve. I am absolutely certain I would have purchased a DVT Prevention Pump had I known how effective (and inexpensive) this product is.

Bob, Two Rivers, WI (Age 49)

A 51 year female with a history of previous DVT after minor knee surgery was admitted with shortness of breath. This time she had very little leg swelling but she did complain of a left leg cramp. Her blood studies were positive for D-Dimer which is used as screening tool for further workup of DVT/PE. She was started on blood thinner immediately since she had a high probability of DVT and PE. The patient’s leg ultrasound and CT scan of the lungs were positive for extensive DVT and PE. Had the MedShoola™ DVT pump been available on the market, it may have prevented her second DVT and subsequent PE. She was fortunate to have made it to the hospital and survive the episode. Having completed her current blood thinner treatment, she will be using the MedShoola™ pump for future prevention. Her family is also very interested in purchasing the Medshoola™ pump for their clot prevention.

Lori Kerwin, Age 51

This final tragic case is that of a 39 year old Midwestern female, mother of two children, who sustained a minor tibial fracture which limited her mobility. She had multiple risk factors for DVT including obesity, birth control medications, and her non-surgical tibial fracture. She presented to the ER with a single emphatic demand: “I don’t want to die, I can’t breathe”. Within the next few minutes her breathing became more labored, and she rapidly progressed to a full respiratory arrest. Despite aggressive and immediate high tech support, medical management, and clot dissolving medications, she died after few hours on the ventilator. This tragic death may have been prevented with simple home use of the MedShoola™ Portable SCD pump.


I was having leg cramps all the time after working in the yard and could not even move my legs due to cramps. I am so thankful to my wife who bought this for me because now my legs feel fresh after working in the yard. I recommend everyone have a Medshoola pump. If it can help me, it can help anyone.

Age 55, Male

I almost died because of PE and it left me with severe pain in my legs. My daughter, who is a nurse, bought me the Medshoola pump and compression stockings so I do not have to go through this again. I love this pump! My pains are much better and I have no more blood clots. I use it during travel and when my pain comes back. Now I will buy it for my family members so they do not have to go through the pain I went through. Every family should have a Medshoola pump to prevent DVT/PE.

Age 80, Female

My sister died with PE, and I was always scared of it. I do not want to die with PE. I heard Dr. Mirza talk at the public library about how to prevent DVT/PE. I bought a pump for myself in March 2014, and am in love with it. I don’t feel fatigue anymore and my legs feel fresh. Every member of my family uses it when they go for long trips. I am telling all of my friends and relatives to buy this product. If I had extra money, I would by one for all of my family members. I do not want anyone to die young with PE like my sister did, and I think anyone who has any risk of PE/DVT should buy this product.

Age 50, Female

My son took me to a talk show by Dr. Mirza at the nursing home, and I bought myself a Medshoola pump and compression stockings in December of 2014. I am so happy I did. I used to have leg cramps and pain all the time due to varicose/cellulite veins. Many times I could not sleep due to leg cramps and pain. Now, I have no more pain and cramps and wake up fresh. I want everyone to have a Medshoola pump if they have varicose veins or blood circulation issues.

Age 75, Male

I have cancer and ended up with PE. I almost died. My cancer puts me at risk of blood clots, so my doctor recommended the Medshoola pump. I’ve used it since June 2015 and am glad I bought it. Before the pump I was always worried about having another clot at any time. I walk without stress now, and have no fear of having a deadly clot again. I also bought one for my son-in-law because he travels to other countries and has a risk of PE. I recommend that anyone with active cancer or a history of cancer should buy the Medshoola pump.

Age 60, Female