How DVT Compression Pump Can Save Your Legs from Swelling

Lower limb diseases can become fatal if not properly terminated with the help of expert doctors or medical devices. The DVT which is known as Deep Vein Thrombosis is a disease that is either genetic or dysgenic that can destroy your lower limbs within months. The DVT Compression Pump is one the best invention in medical history that can prevent the infection from spreading into the deep parts of veins and arteries.

There is one question which the majority of patients ask from their physicians which is how Deep Vein Thrombosis compression pump can save their legs from swelling? The answer is simple by using the best compression devices that can help to remove or decrease the infection with proper treatment and guidance.

What is DVT?

To understand the importance of DVT Compression Pump first, you need to know in detail what is DVT and how it can damage your legs and other major body organs. DVT or Deep Vein Thrombosis is a fatal medical condition that causes the blockage of blood vessels due to the storage of blood clots in deep parts of the lower limbs.

The pooling of blood can damage your valves which slowly causes bleeding out and swelling in your foot, ankle and legs start happening rapidly. There are some factors due to which DVT or severe swelling can occur in your legs.

DVT happens when:

  • When you are dealing with obesity.
  • When your age exceeds 55 and muscle soreness increases.
  • When you inherit this disease from your parents.
  • When you cannot leave the habit of smoking.
  • When you are going through the pregnancy phase.


What is a DVT Compression Pump?

To downgrade the swelling or muscle cramps in your legs the DVT Compression Pump is a medical gear that comes in the form of sleeves that consist of meshed pressure pumps that helps to increase blood flow in your whole body. The DVT pumps have 4-6 compression chambers that exert rhythmic pressure on your calf muscles, legs, and toes to force blood to move upwards and prevent clotting in your lower limbs.

The DVT machine can be directly connected with socks and stockings if you do not want to use heavy sleeves for the pressure-exerting process. They are made with soft fabric for providing a cushiony experience to the user and creates a padding effect to deliver tight-fitting while the pressure is applied to your thick leg muscles.


How DVT Compression Pump reduces Swelling?

Until now we understood the harm DVT can cause on your lower limbs and at the same time you learned the significance of DVT Compression Pump for swelling. The DVT machine works in a simple procedure but the outcome is extremely helpful for the user.

 The first step is the pressure level on which these DVT pumps work. The pressure level can start from 15mmHg to 45 mmHg. It is very important to purchase a DVT device that matches your prescribed level by your doctor. Never use these medical garments without the approval of your podiatrist or cardiologist.

When you use Velcro straps to close the sleeves and start the machine, it will automatically be applying mild pressure on your legs and foot in a cyclic process. The firm pressure will be on your foot and ankle but as it goes upwards the pressure will decrease until it reaches your knees.

During or after the compression procedure, your blood vessel volume will get tighter as a result the blood flow velocity will increase and fast recovery from swelling will occur. You can use DVT pumps in the morning or evening but never use them before sleeping. Try to get a medical expert to help you using this medical compression device and always get an FDA-approved compression gear.


Advantages of DVT Compression Pump

The DVT Compression Pump can help you on a short-term and long-term basis which includes:

  1. Reduces lymphedema and DVT.
  2. Enhance your Lymphatic system.
  3. Increases blood circulation for healing and removing swelling.
  4. Provides heel support and decreases blisters on your foot.
  5. Increases immunity and fewer chances of leg cramps will occur.
  6. Prevent PE (Pulmonary Embolism).
  7. Avoids high risk of cardiac arrest or blood clotting.

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