Effectiveness of Compression Pump for Swollen Legs & Blood Clotting


Blood clotting and inflammation are the root cause of lymphatic system failure. Lymphedema cases are widely observed in the USA and the majority of European countries. Some compression therapies are practiced by healthcare experts to treat leg swelling and blood clots but only one of these methods provides the best treatment which includes lymphedema compression pumps for legs.

The compression gear is getting proper recognition among the American society and people with various leg swelling issues are purchasing these pneumatic pumps for avoiding blood clotting. To understand the effectiveness of lymphedema pump for lower limbs inflammation, there are some elements about which are essential to know before searching to buy these medical products.

Types of Blood clots that cause lymphedema

The three fatal types of blood clots are DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis), Lymphedema, and PE (Pulmonary Embolism). All of them are indirectly linked with leg swelling and blood clotting.

Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT)

DVT is a blood infection in which accumulation of mass in the vessels occurs resulting in a collapse of the circulatory system. Deep Vein Thrombosis causes blisters and severe skin rash on legs which requires fast treatment and compression pumps for lymphedema are the most effective source for preventing DVT.


This condition can damage your lower limbs by malfunctioning the lymphatic system in which your lymph fluid starts leaking into veins and arteries causing swelling. Lymphedema can be stopped by performing leg therapy with medical garments and the best compression pump for swelling are the only legit product to minimize the consequences of this disease.

PE (Pulmonary Embolism)

The DVT and Lymphedema are the direct cause of PE because the clots which blocked your blood vessels can break into fragments that move to other parts of the body including the respiratory system. PE is the biggest fatal infection that obstructs the patient lungs while inhaling oxygen. The PE can cause a rise in heart rate, chest pain, and color change of skin. These are the final problems for the patient which can result in death if not prevented in the early stages.

Causes of Swollen Legs and Blood Clotting

Until now you got the awareness about types of blood clots that causes DVT or lymphedema but the main question is why they occur so that doctors recommend the use of the best compression pump for leg swelling.

The main factors include:

  • Being hospitalized due to lower limbs injury.
  • Obesity or smoking.
  • Lack of physical activities especially by the elder sector.
  • Traveling on a plane with low cabin pressure.
  • Blood flow decreases due to immobility.
  • The genetic problem of lymphedema or blood clots.
  • Foot injury causing the patient to do long-duration bed rest.
  • Active cancer diagnosis.
  • Varicose veins due to lack of diet or poor blood flow.

To prevent these problems the lymphedema pump is used by the patient that declines the effect of lower limb swelling and blood coagulation factors.

Lymphedema compression pumps for legs

The compression garments are designed with cutting-edge technology after carefully studying the impact of blood clots on the legs and how to avoid any inflammation in the future. The compression sleeves are urging people to purchase for quick results that can help to decrease the effect of blood clotting. Compression pumps for lymphedema treatment work with one goal to boost blood circulation. The increase in blood velocity helps to break down mass that was stored in the veins and arteries of the patient.

The lymphedema pump is connected to a machine that applies cyclic flow of air in and out of sleeves which compress the volume of veins increasing blood flow velocity. The compression garments for lymphedema and swollen legs come in different types.  There are two main types of pneumatic compression devices such as; sequential segmented garment and continuous non-segmented garment.

The main difference is the pressure dynamics and sleeves’ air chambers numbers. The top best compression pump for lymphedema is consists of four to five chambers which helps to apply pressure on all parts of lower limbs including foot, ankle, calf, and knee. The 20-30mmHg pressure level is ideal to treat DVT, Lymphedema, and PE. The best compression gear can provide you great benefits which are:

Advantages of lymphedema compression pumps for legs

  • Comfortable medical products that are easy to start and use.
  • Convenient for home use and reduces healthcare costs.
  • Helps to maintain healthy body functions and increase immunity by restoring the lymphatic system.
  • Helps the patient with leg wound healing within weeks.
  • Gives effective results by improving blood vessels walls.
  • Helps to protect skin from severe rash and blisters.
  • Stops venous stasis ulcers and acute chronic wounds.

Get the best Lymphedema compression pumps for legs and blood clotting 

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