Compression stockings – Medical Necessity or Athletic Performance Enhancer?

As we all know that we are living in the 21st century and by all means, things have gotten better with the passage of time. There are many inventions that have changed mankind. Some of them are good and some are really not good. As we are here to talk about good happenings so we’ll only consider the inventions that have proved to be really helpful for all of us.

compression stockings

We’re here not to talk about modern warfare equipment that destroys humans but we’ll talk about something that has changed the lives of many people on the planet earth. Compression stockings, it’s just a word but when it comes to its uses and how it changed the life of people, one must say these specially designed garments is a life saver.

We’ll discuss an athlete who was suffering from a disease and he then undergoes surgery and what happened after that is not something really nice to hear but before that, we’ll see what are compression stockings.

Compression stockings

Compression stockings are wearables that are designed specially to apply pressure on the area that is affected by the blood pooling. Compression stockings apply pressure to help the blood in the veins to flow in a regular manner. Furthermore, these stockings are really helpful in the prevention of blood clots.

Compression stockings are mostly used by the athletes or the people who have limited mobility in their daily lifestyle such as people who travel a lot and get on long flights. They sit idle in their seat for a long time hence they are at a higher risk of formation of blood clots in their legs.

Are compression stockings a medical necessity or Athletic performance enhancer?

Now that we know that what are compression stockings and why are they used. We’ll discuss a real-world example of an athlete and how compression stockings helped him big time.

A patient who was in his early 30s came to our clinic and told me that he has severe pain and swelling in his legs. He told me that he couldn’t sleep all night because of the pain in his legs and he came to our clinic as early as possible to see me. He told me that he is a passionate runner and have won several titles.

compression stockings

He further told me that he had surgery of his Right knee a few weeks ago. After that surgery, he recovered and everything seemed to be good but in reality, it was not. He was not aware of the fact that he was suffering from a disease that is really dangerous. He was suffering from the Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and what happens when someone is suffering from DVT is that blood clots start to form in one of the legs or both legs. Since the blood blots slow down the blood flow, it leads to swelling and significant pain. And sometimes, it causes redness or cramps.

When I examined him I knew that he had DVT but to confirm my suspicion, I recommended him to get urgent labs and Doppler Ultrasound. When the reports came it was a bright as daylight that he had DVT.

He was treated with the blood thinner for a few months. After completing the treatment he was recommended some exercises as well as compression stockings. These exercises have been invented by the specialists and include the specific movement of the muscles that are affected by the blood clots. I recommended to him that he should wear compression stockings as well.

He was able to run and continued to use compression stocking to prevent further clots. This way he was able to stay great athlete and got the full benefit by using compression stockings.

Medical necessity or athletic performance enhancer?

We can say that due to the drastic increase in the patients of DVT compression stockings have become a medical necessity. One of the most important thing that one should always keep in mind that there is no 100% prevention for DVT. But you can minimize it by using compression stockings along with some exercises that include the movement of the lower leg muscles.

According to the recent studies it has been proved that the use of compression socks can significantly reduce the chances of blood clots in the legs. So for athletes it really a life saver.

Compression garments are more useful when you wear them in the lower body such as legs, feet, and ankles. Compression stockings help reduce the chances of blood clots.


Compression stockings can help prevent the leg fatigue in such a way that it helps reduce the excessive fluids in the legs veins to gather at one point and prevent the stress in the legs hence prevent the leg fatigue.

Compression stockings are used to treat the varicose veins. It is not the sole treatment but can surely help the healing of varicose veins.

What’s the takeaway?

In the light of all the discussion that we did above, one can say that compression stockings are surely a medical necessity as well as an athletic performance enhancer.