You have come to the right place if: You or a loved one have experienced the pain and suffering of a deep venous thrombosis (DVT) or pulmonary embolism (PE). Your doctor has recommended compression treatment for DVT prevention or the management of DVT symptoms or lymphedema.

Chronic medical conditions and symptoms affecting you or a loved one compromise your daily lifestyle and productivity. The potentially life threatening problem of DVT/PE is now treatable with our compact, portable Medshoola™ compression device without limiting your daily routine.

Most sequential compression devices are large, cumbersome, and require an immobile attachment to a wall outlet. These inconvenient forms of treatment for DVT prevention and lymphedema are so limiting that patients rarely use them. This leaves them at greater risk for fatal PE and further complications.

We understand, and we have a solution.

After seeing far too many people die from DVT/PE and having his own father develop a PE, Dr. Mirza realized that people need a portable option for preventing DVT/PE that is high-quality and affordable.

Orthopedic surgeon Dr. John Livermore, internal medicine hospitalist Dr. Mansoor Mirza, and interventional radiologist Dr. Awais Siddique, developed the Medshoola™ Compression Pump to serve this need.

This revolutionary device uses sequential compression, which has been proven to aid in the prevention of DVT/PE and decrease the swelling and pain of lymphedema.

This is a QUALITY and AFFORDABLE medical device that is  easy to use and frees you to enjoy your normal lifestyle.

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